About Us

Filmmaking is a powerful avenue for storytelling. Our goal is to create beautiful, impactful and memorable videos that tell our clients’ stories. Whether that be a romantic, emotional wedding video or an eye-catching promo for your business we are here to help tell your story!

Our team specializes in professional video for weddings, churches, ministries, non-profits, businesses and events. Our focus is on highlight reels and promotional videos. We love what we do and we put our best into our work. We film using the Nikon brand DSLR 1080p cameras.

As a Christian video production company we desire to honor God in the videos we produce as well as in how we work with and treat our clients. Our goal is to give each of our clients a wonderful finished product and to make sure each person knows that while we care about their video project we also care about each person we work with.


Meet The Team

Sarah Williams, Owner & Operator

Hey guys! The dream for Elevate Light started during my senior year at Charleston Southern University. It’s changed a lot since 2014 but in 2018 I decided to focus this business solely on what I was most passionate about and best at and that is video. It’s been awesome getting to tell people’s stories through filmmaking.

I also work during the week at T&J Pro Beauty, a professional beauty and barber supply store run by my dad. In addition to Elevate Light and T&J Pro Beauty, I am also the youth minister at my dad’s church, Restoration Ministries Church of God in Manning, South Carolina. So while I stay very busy, I am thankful for these great opportunities God has given to me.

I am the lead videographer and also do the editing for our videos. 

Besides Jesus and filmmaking I love travel, animals and nature. I love to go outside with my camera and capture the beauty around me. Put a camera in my hands in a place surrounded with animals and I’m happy!